How to open profitable sushi bar

How to open profitable sushi bar Every year popularity of restaurants of Japanese cuisine grows. In these institutions practically it is always populous, and on days off and absolutely it is necessary to reserve in advance a little table to try a land. Specialists consider this business very favorable. The sushi bar in only two years will pay off. But here nevertheless there are some nuances. In comparison with other restaurants of state kitchen, Japanese restaurant to open with summer it will not turn out. It is necessary that the personnel was trained previously by people who already have a wide experience of work in similar business. Otherwise you risk to lose invested funds.

Generally restaurants of Japanese cuisine earn on hot dishes, a land and binge. 60 % of revenue in economic institutions of Japanese cuisine bring a land, 30 % – a bar. Other dishes give only 10 % of the income. Seasonality is correctly traced in this business. In the winter sushi bars bring together more guests, than in the summer. But such tendency is characteristic as a whole for all restaurant business. At first estimate own competitors, поситете drgy sushi bars of own city, look, as they work that offer. On a site it is possible Knight all Japanese restaurants of your city (Kharkov, Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, etc. the cities).

If you are going to open Japanese restaurant, first it is necessary for you to take care of the organization of deliveries of qualitative products. Usually, local products when manufacturing dishes of Japanese cuisine practically are not used. But troubles with the organization of deliveries usually does not arise. Big networks of restaurants of Japanese cuisine will organize deliveries of products without the aid of others. Thus, they provide a guarantee of the characteristic and receive the additional income.

Special value at a choice of the supplier has quality of products. Each party of a product should be tasted previously. Only one failure in deliveries can lead to use of products with inappropriate flavoring qualities and to become the precondition of poisoning of clients. It can turn back complete discredit of an institution.

But luck of an institution depends not only on the characteristic of used How to open profitable sushi barproducts. Printsipnoye value has service level. Cooks and waiters in a condition to make restaurant a profitable institution. Consider that the personnel for the organization of work of restaurant of Japanese cuisine it will be necessary much: it both waiters, and sushist, both chef, and kitchen workers. The chef – the main employee of an institution. Directly it sets quality of the prepared dishes, looks after popularity of these or those positions of the menu. Practically always directly he is engaged in staff recruitment. As to waiters, at restaurants of Japanese cuisine, usually, prefer to employ people with east appearance. It allows to give to an institution special charm and the atmosphere.

Special value for sushi bar has its site. From where there is your restaurant, its success will depend. The area of such institution should make at least 100 sq.m. On kitchen it is necessary to take away about 50 sq.m. In sushi bar it is necessary to make repair. Registration of a hall of restaurant is better for entrusting specialists. In the business plan it is necessary honor expenses on purchase of furniture and restaurant registration.



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