How to open restaurant

How to open restaurantIf the businessman longs to make profitable and competitive business, he should be a specialist. It is simple to have idea now not enough. It is necessary to have persistence on achievement of the purposes to embody the thought. As the statistics shows, about 80 % of the companies, engaged in matter in food branch, burn through already in the first five-years period. How to be? How to open profitable restaurant and to remain in the market? It should be noted that restaurant business, is very profitable sphere of a public catering. Also, it should be noted that this kind of activity is less subject to risks, than, say, creation of food, or though what other creation. In the theory how to open restaurant know many, but, to realize idea it is necessary to consider many qualities. In the history there are a lot of examples, not bad startups which and work to this day with big revenues and big clientele, to the same, little tables are reserved for some weeks forward and which adjoin to small cheap cafes. Not everyone can understand, why the such occurs and how to achieve success, instead of to turn into empty cafe.

In restaurant business can be to achieve success only when before work, the owner of restaurant makes complete research of the market, its parts and the main trends. It is impossible to disregard and probable competitors, the probable clients, favorable suppliers, also, detailed analysis a degree of service of guests of restaurant. Detailed marketing will help you not to appear among those who neglected this analysis and not studied main criteria of opening of restaurant and injured currency crash in a current of 5 years, well and to avoid unlimited quantity of mistakes which from time to time can cost the important sum. Restaurant business — belongs to that sphere of the world of business in what it is necessary to react to new trends and tendencies operatively.

Before starting to work, it is necessary to make the accurate plan and to operate strictly from it пт, without giving in to sensual rushes. Printsipno to hold in the head that another’s experience can become very useful. It is not necessary to disregard and successful examples of successful administration and business ideas.

You can create and delivery of various dishes to the house, it is excellent idea. It is possible to make the site where people can choose a dish and order. Here on a site a good example of such restaurant where it is possible to order a dish of different kitchen.

The success though what public catering, whether it be tiny cafe or elite restaurant, depends on his client. Therefore at market research, it is necessary to give special attention to the clientele market proceeding from belief of preferences, tastes, price policy and requirements to food and service. Planning of a room and interior design of restaurant should be comfortable, comfortable and meet certain requirements of each guest on which the policy of your restaurant will be adjusted. For example, the restaurant calculated on consumers with the average income, it is not necessary to make out in very expensive style, to such clients it will be not comfortable in such unusual place even if the prices will suit them. Interior design should correspond to your guests.

Also, essentially to hold guests in restaurant. That asks careful and laborious work. Service — an important part though what successful restaurant. It is necessary to think over the budget, carefully to plan expenses and to place values and to plan on the future. Receiving are stable the income, you will have possibilities for business expansion.


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