How to open shop of household appliances

How to open shop of household appliancesShops of household appliances are rather popular among buyers. People always have a need for improvement of the characteristic of the life and consequently they aspire to get the most operating and useful household appliances. But lately, in particular in the huge cities, there was not so suitable situation to start business in this sphere. It is influenced by big level of the competition which arises at the expense of big distribution networks. To fight with them it is very heavy, because they involve clients with the low prices and favorable aspects of actions. Therefore it is more expedient to consider opening of regional shop.

In many regions of Ukraine competition small or it does not exist in general. Being based on this fact, it is possible to make rather successful and profitable business. What is necessary to open shop of household appliances?


First it is necessary to be registered as the personal businessman. As to taxes, it is possible to apply the facilitated system of the taxation. Late it is necessary to receive the corresponding permissions to trade from fire supervision and SES.


As it is a question of the region, the room is better for picking up in the center or in the areas next to it. The area should make from 200 sq.m because the big equipment takes a lot of place, and clients should move freely on a hall. The room is better to divide into segments, for example, a hall of audio of equipment, halls of big equipment etc. If necessary to make indoors repair.

Also it is necessary to think over an entrance for the cars, after all many buyers take away purchases on the car.

The warehouse not necessarily can be in the same place, where also shop. But the room under a warehouse should correspond to norms of storage of equipment.


To start halls it is necessary to arrange with racks and glass show-windows for malekhanky equipment, and supports from a tree for big household appliances. Not including it, it is necessary to equip places for the personnel.

The analysis of the range of shop will be basic also. Learn what equipment is more necessary among the population. Here if to take LED TV sets from cifrosvit, they have good demand among people. Therefore it is necessary for you to pay attention to this question.

For safety it is possible to use system which is based on chips. They fasten to equipment, on an exit the alarm system which reacts to them is put. Not including it, and it is better to equip shop with the alarm system as the household appliances are very expensive product.


From the personnel some sales managers, the accountant, loaders and the security guard be required. All shots should be competent and skilled, it printsipno for successful business.


As work will be conducted in the region therefore for advertizing are suitable distribution of leaflets, a bright sign and announcements in mass media. To involve regular customers, make accumulative system of discounts, it very much motivates clients.


Before opening of such business, it is necessary to consider carefully everything as huge investments are necessary, and here losses can become enormous.


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