How to open the gift shop

How to open the gift shopSale of various souvenirs and gifts is quite profitable business. Specialists consider, this niche completely is not filled and in it not enough competitors, and it means that you can occupy to yourselves a place in the sun. Similar business only started to develop at us, and unique gifts always are in demand.

Difficulties with the range at you hardly will arise, as the choice of souvenirs is simply immense. Activity in this type of business can be developed as the narrow direction, and uniting in one shop the different directions. Then at you in shop everyone can get a gift on birthday to the relatives.

The 1st from what is necessary to begin it with finding of a trading room. It should be in quite crowded place, for example in shopping center. the 1st time it is possible to rent a tiny room, and having already turned out client base to get over in more spacious room.

Registration of shop is necessary carefully обмыслить, having created a visible interior. It should provide the unusual atmosphere and comfort. It is necessary to interest and intrigue the buyer with the shop. Its opening can be carried out in the form of unusual presentation. Naturally, the shop should have a name – suitable on a subject and simply being remembered. It is not necessary to call shop names or obvious words. Involve the buyer the just extraordinary can. After will choose the name, order signs and the design corresponding to the general concept.

If to speak about initial costs, for a tenancy it is dependent on the area and a site it is necessary to spend 5-30 thousand roubles. From 6 thousand roubles it is necessary to pay for registration of the legal entity and paperwork. On purchase of the suitable equipment (the cash register, glass show-windows, racks, counters) will leave 20-30 thousand. If the 1st time you work as the dealer, will save on a salary. At employment pay attention to appearance and communicative possibilities as one of components of success is faultless service. Well and naturally one more пт costs initial purchase of a product is.

Before purchase of the first party of a product properly study the range and price policy of competitors. Select the range so that at it was possible to get a gift on though what case of life. Let at you will be on sale not only calendars and cards, well and handwork gifts. There should be a product on though what taste and a purse. It is necessary to do purchases of different sources: wholesale bases, Internet shops etc.

That your business prospered it is necessary to be defined, your offers are aimed at what audience in the main thing. Be defined with age, a floor, target audience. And later – for whom they will receive your products? For expansion by the client of base carry out advertizing actions, use discount cards for regular customers, do discounts for certain products. If this type of business of a message it is comprehended, the gift shop will start to make real profit and completely itself will pay back in a year. We wish success to you in your undertakings!


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