How to open travel agency?

How to open travel agency?Question of opening of travel agency the quite difficult. For this reason desires of many people – to make new business were not realized, and remained only dream and imagination.

Really, this project is in own way unique. And earlier, than to start it to create – it is necessary to weigh very carefully everything pros and cons. After all this business is very tasty slice, and desire to be engaged in it at many the bolshushchy. Here if to take rest in Turkey according to the reference, it is perfectly developed business. So it is not necessary to adjust in advance itself on receiving important profit and to build castles in the air. But nevertheless, if persistence, a zaniye and desires coincided, for the solution of a task there are two options of opening of agency.

In – 1-x: individual company. In this case there are some positive results, and, first – independence. There is no need to execute all whims and ideas of the administration, after all here you to itself the managing director and the director. But on this iridescent wave it is necessary to hold in the head and that the success of agency develops thanks to its history. Therefore the essential quantity of positive responses will give the chance to find everything new and new clients.

In – 2-x: business opening under the aegis of the franchize. Here positive preconditions are consolidated to that: the agency works under a known brand of the big company, plus – powerful inflow of customers and advertizing of your agency. Besides registration of such business is easier from the individual company.

But in this business there are "reefs" which arise in a number of rigid aspect. Practically always is a site of agency, number of employees, also questions on internal etiquette and design of a room. Here, naturally, a choice for you and in case of a consent – stable work, company support, but smaller profit.

But not including it, the license is necessary to you. To receive it on such kind of activity quite troublesome and takes about 2 months. For occupation by tourist activity the certificate that is provided by the law is also necessary. So opening of this business will be hard and long.

All these subtleties on creation of travel agency concerned country regions. But, absolutely other rules and laws come into effect by consideration of this business in the Moscow. To get good profit in such bolshenny city in again made agency – hardly can be. Though, the investment of important means and comfortable placement of an office will promote to lift your business. But you need also excellent advertizing, also professional personnel.

Also remember that it is necessary to treat business very quiveringly if wish to get profit quickly.

I hope that such councils will promote you not only to open travel company, but will make it prestigious and profitable in the field of travel business.


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