How to organize a taxi – the main moments

How to organize a taxi – the main momentsThe taxi service is a business not only very interesting, well and very profitable, asks malekhanky investments. Services of a taxi are rather actual, therefore there is a lot of probable clients.

How to organize such business, to receive the big income?

For a start it is necessary to solve questions with documents. It is necessary to be registered as the personal businessman or the organization by tax inspection. On collecting all suitable documents and their consideration can leave from 2 weeks to one month. Here on a site it is possible to call a taxi, it is a good example of such business. Information service "Delyuks-taksi" renders high-quality services on I will call a taxi.

Further it is necessary to pick up a room. It can be not so bolshushchy, but contain in itself a dispatching office, accounts department and the technical specialist. If it is enough means, it is possible to get a room in a property. And if such possibility is not present, it is possible to rent, and further to get.

Also it is necessary to acquire the necessary equipment: computers, furniture, phones, handheld transceivers. It is better, if telephone number is simply remembered, have identical numbers. For communication of the dispatcher with the driver, radio stations are necessary. It is unessentially to take cars, it is possible to employ drivers with the car. It is also necessary to install the program for the accounting of demands.

To employ the personnel it is better with experience and a good zaniye of the city. For a start it is possible to employ 2 dispatchers (work by turns), the accountant and the technical specialist that looked behind an equipment condition. To find drivers, it is enough to advertize. With a personal car there is a lot of competitors, and the more them, the better. With them contact consists.

It is worth to remember about advertizing. It is possible to place announcements in the newspaper, on a TV set, on signs. High-quality advertizing can bring in to business the big income.

It is not necessary for the organization of a taxi service of terrible investments. The initial capital is distributed only on a tenancy, purchase of the technical equipment and personnel employment. All this makes about 100-150 thousand roubles final sum will depend on the area of a rented room, an equipment nakladnost etc. The profit can make about 30-35 %. It depends on number of drivers, the advertizing characteristic etc. If perfectly to organize business, chances of success will increase.

At malekhanky investments, it is possible to begin profitable business. The main thing, every day to pay attention to advertizing and hiring of drivers. It is worth to remember that there are competitors, and it is necessary to support business at the proper level.


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