Idea business: we open billiards club

Idea business: we open billiards clubWhat to open the billiards club, it is necessary to find – in what format you wish to work. There is three look:
– Commercial. They the most widespread. Here come what to play in billiards and to spend time with friends. Many guests are casual clients.
– Sports clubs differ that masters come to play here. Here constantly hold competitions, tournaments among players. Here it is less than guests, than in commercial billiards clubs.
– VIP. Such elite clubs, generally open in big cities. The VIP clubs hard win clients. Slow payback and big investments do them not profitable.

It is possible and not to remind that at a good arrangement of billiards club, it is possible in coming to have huge popularity of an institution. Be not upset, if the room did not leave to remove in the center. Look narrowly at bedroom communities and choose not a bad place there. If the city small, is better to open the billiards club about cafe.

Before opening count quantity of tables which depends on the size of a room. Usually for the 1st playing table, the area in 30 sq.m is necessary. Between tables there should be an ordinary distance, what playing each other did not disturb.

Opening a playing institution, reflect on additional service, in other words a recreation area. A hall for games and the district for rest have or about billiard tables, or separately.

Popular from snack in such clubs French fries, salads and others are registered. Popular drinks – beer, juice. At desire to sell alcohol, it will be necessary to issue the corresponding license.

For purchase of tables for billiards, the starting capital in the sum, more than 2 and a half thousand dollars for one table is necessary. Buying tables, do not protect on quality. Having bought cheap a billiard table, it will be necessary to change it soon. The cue costs more than 100 dollars. One sphere – 20 dollars. A triangle under spheres and pieces of chalk – 10.

For the fastest profit perfectly make a price of the prices, taking in attention time of day. Day and night it is possible to throw off the price, and in the evening, at bigger attendance cost to lift.

For work of your institution, will be necessary: the manager accepting orders and which will supervise time, the cook and the waiter.
In the conclusion it is possible to tell that in such business by one of the unpleasant moments, heavy expenses are at an initial investment. But the great popularity and combination of 2 businesses – billiards club and cafe promises to be an attractive type of income.


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