Idea for business: daily delivery of apartments

Idea for business: daily delivery of apartmentsDelivery of apartments and rooms by the day it is far not a new way of earnings which in particular is actual for the big and average cities, in what the huge enterprises, educational institutions, and as for resorts and the cities through which passes a big flow of people are located. Not enough who manages to a meeting to change on other train therefore it is necessary to wait at stations hours, and it is frequent also days. Therefore business on delivery of apartments by the day during such moments even is very actual. Besides, to the deepest chagrin, presently the prices for hotel rooms are so high that afford such "luxury" people of middle class and above can only. Therefore for "mere mortals" whom suppressing the most part, approaches option with apartments and rooms, than with hotels more.

Here on a siteтель-авив-квартиры-посуточно.html it is possible to rent the apartment in Tel Aviv. It is a good example of such business. And if in your accessory is one or more apartments which possibility to hand over under temporary residence is, will open business of this kind to you very simply. For a start (if is such need) it is necessary to make repair to furnish the apartment a necessary minimum and to equip with subjects of household appliances – the refrigerator, a TV set (would be excellent to carry out the Internet and phone), a plate etc. By the way, if you decide to carry out the telephone line, it is better to limit to a meeting through the telephone company long distance calls, otherwise you can incur important losses. If it is made, – means, your business is ready. It was necessary things are easy – to issue the personal enterprise and to find suitable lodgers. Registration, is by the way, basic, because if you do not make it, during a certain moment you will have difficulties with tax specialists, finally that it is necessary to pay both taxes, and a penalty for evasion from their payment.

Registration of the personal businessman costs 400 rubles and as it is necessary to pay a uniform tax from the income is 6 %. Surely specify all expenses on the apartment because in that case you should pay less (is calculated the difference between the income and expenses, and from it 15 % are paid). In particular the question of registration of the personal businessman for at whom not one, and some apartments is important.

It is not necessary to be upset, if you have no own apartment for delivery because it is possible to conclude the respective lease contract of the apartment on long term, with subrent possibility.

Both in the first, and in the 2nd case it is better to write the business plan that will give the chance to count carefully all expenses and future profits. It includes calculations of expenses for room repair, on purchase of household appliances, on payment of utilities, phone and the Internet, and as on advertizing payment.


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