Idea of business: accounting services at home

Idea of business: accounting services at homeWeave personal businessmen and law firms are registered every day. Unlike the big company for which existence at least the 1st accountant is neotklonimy, for businessmen with the status "individual" not always it is necessary to have a position of the accountant in staff. In such cases the businessman can cooperate duties of the director and conducting accounting.

But actually, few businessmen have time and a zaniye on maintaining accounting documentation. And in the majority cases it is easier to businessman to employ to itself the accountant on the party which can do all necessary acts on conducting accounting. There are companies which render available accounting service that quite dokhodno for businessmen. So the company «VANGUARD of BUREAU» does accounting services enough not expensively.

Business for the accountant

For the accountant with bolshushchy experience such scheme gives opportunity to earn more means, than on a salary in firm. Already the most part of operations it is automated on the Internet. For example, presently it is possible to send on payment payment orders through the client bank and they to a meeting will be processed. So the Sberbank of the Russian Federation entered the latest service online business for legal entities (analog of Sberbank ондайн)

As it is necessary, the accountant, staying at home, can conduct calculations with clients, suppliers and to supervise a condition of the settlement account.

Leaving from this and taking in attention experience of the accountant, one person can render a descent accounting services to several businessmen. For example, if the skilled accountant works for 10 SP and to receive for the services of 10 000 rubles at the end of every month, the monthly salary will reach 100 000 rubles, and it is enough.

When the accountant is absolutely the specialist of own business and perfectly uses the program 1С and other accounting software, it is possible to start to provide consultations about subtleties of own business to people on the Internet. Usually, at reasonable prices there will be a large quantity wishing to address at your service.

Also there is easier procedure of sending of any reports in a pension fund and fund of public insurance, than to carry them on cardboard carriers without the aid of others. Presently there are intermediary companies which are engaged in sending of data to these city services on the Internet. Therefore it is better to sign with them the contract and for a long time to forget about turns in these funds.


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