Idea of business for ladies: rerayter and copywriter

Idea of business for ladies: rerayter and copywriterOptions of ladies’ business unlimited quantity. Presently services of rerayter and copywriters, in other words writing of texts or articles are very necessary.

The copywriter («copywriting», «copy» — article, «write» — to write) is the person writing without the aid of others advertizing texts and articles.

The most part perceives the word "copywriting" as article on various subjects, for placement on the certain sites not always containing advertizing. Though practically they are always aimed at public relations – advance of a certain product.
Rerayter – the person creating article, on the basis of already ready text, but having reversed it, having left only only the semantic contents.

For the person, not owning bolshushchy lexicon to which hardly manages to compare skillfully samples for the future preservation of sense, it will be very heavy to become a rerayter.

If you have a desire to test the forces in a copywriting, first, choose for itself a subject which is known and interesting to you. It will help you to make the articles more unique owing to what, payment of your work will be highly rewarded the customer. Among customers the exclusive copywriting, such articles qualitative is appreciated and it is pleasant to read them. Here on a site, it is possible to order writing of texts.

Complexity of a copywriting is that texts are written from themselves, on another speaking, from the head, and only the result depends on your knowledge and experience in the offered subject.

For the beginners, the 1st time is recommended to test itself in rewriting, over time to pass to a copywriting as for it pay twice more (1000 signs from 1,5 to $3). Also this two types of work can be developed to a descent.

List of the exchanges of rewriting and copywriting:


Make the profile can to be not only on one site that will help you to compare the prices for articles, to develop possibility to receive that order which is close to you and your interests. Thanks to qualitative number of the executed orders your earnings will increase. Also at desire it is possible to make correspondence of article written by you to order, and further to arrange it for free realization at other exchanges.

It is necessary to try itself in such field of activity, after all superfluous investments it is not required, printsipno only existence and a computer zaniye.

Such ladies’ business will bring in you the additional or main income. Test itself. Here is not present to limits to age. The main thing – to operate, after all directly in it the success essence consists. Do not lose own possibilities.


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