Indicators and strategy Forex

Indicators and strategy ForexThe best and most operating strategy Forex, whether happen such systems and how to find them among a set of offered options?

Usually many from professional Forex of traders use in the work a minimum of indicators and if their unlimited quantity, usually, is the most base indicators put in the metatrader4 terminal.

Let’s try to find out, for what strategy Forex from year to year are created and updated. For what such wide choice if for effective trade the minimum suffices. As the practice showed, many of new indicators is a combination of 2-3 standard indicators.

As it is necessary, to be guided by uniqueness of strategy it is not meaningful. Quite often it happens so that separately taken system of trade, being based on historical data, predicted one results, and at events in real time they left absolutely others.

Perhaps, who that will say that the best system of trade is that which specifies the highest profitability. But it is absolutely not unique nuance demanding attention. Doing an emphasis on historical information, profitability to calculate very hard. But at a certain effort can be to create historical "Graal" which will allow to profit.

The trader trading on good technique, surely knows, why his system successfully worked in a past and why it is capable to bear fruit in the forthcoming. Precisely to understand that will work, and that is not present, can be only way of tests and mistakes. You will need to understand all qualities of the technical and fundamental analysis.

Only only after the answer to these main issues, trudoyomky process of selection of lines on a statistics database begins. Definition of the reliable filters, capable to save the trader from failure. Precisely to understand, about what speech, it is necessary to follow a standard trading way:

1) First it is possible to find a resistance and support zone. For this purpose when developing the next strategy Forex ranks фиббоначи, levels of pivot are used sliding with the bolshushchy period, etc.

2) To reveal an impulse of arising movement. Here developers of system of trade select the historical data of indicators giving bigger percent of probability of the future dynamics in the certain party.

3) Creation of protecting filters. In other words, it is the additional indicators Forex intended for filtering of signals from unprofitable trades. Quite often directly they also lie in base of profitable system because the exception filters of unprofitable signals is increased by potential chances of a victory.

For the systems based on probabilities it very printsipno. Surely, it is only a base minimum. You should find though what of пт, designated above, in strategy Forex which you use.

Thus, the success in trade is in direct dependence on the system elected by you. Than more perfect there will be a way of your actions and accepted decisions, subjects less you suffer failures and earn more means.


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