Internet acquiring and banks: as there is an interaction

Internet acquiring and banks: as there is an interactionAcquiring, i.e. payment by means of payment cards, for a long time became the ordinary phenomenon not only in the West, well and at us. Really, very much with comfort, having come to shop, to pay off not cash, and to use for this purpose a plastic card. But here at payment the similar way of calculations while is widespread in Internet points not everywhere. After all it is possible to note that the resistant tendency of growth of volumes of mutual settlements by means of Internet acquiring is observed.

As there is an interaction between participants of online acquiring

Today banks in Russia offer Internet acquiring not so actively because similar activity is connected with high risks. Usually, clients sign contracts not directly, and through the intermediary – the company which assumes organizational questions, also closely is engaged in discrepancy of safety.

Be dependent on the cooperation scheme in system of reception of online payments from bank cards can are involved:

  • website;
  • organization-ekvayer (bank);
  • processing center;
  • payment system;
  • organization issuer.

Process of passing of payment looks as follows:

  1. Having decided on a product or service, the client chooses as a method of payment transfer from a bank card.
  2. The system of Internet shop will redirect the client on a site of the processing center where there is a special form in which it is necessary to enter payment requisites.
  3. After introduction of data from the center into bank-ekvayer the inquiry for confirmation of possibility of commission of payment arrives. From bank the inquiry will be redirected in payment system, further – in bank issuer. At this time the user, usually, sees a request to wait, while payment is made.
  4. If on each of steps affirmative answers were received, the user sees that payment was successfully made.
  5. Open there is a question of the price of identical service because the bank commissions can differ several times (from 3 to 6 %). Usually, on smaller percent can count huge shops where large volume of operations is made. At a choice of the intermediary company it is necessary to pay first attention not on the service price, and for the list of additional services (in particular it concerns connection of modules of safety), also to the one who will bear financial responsibility if nevertheless manage to crack system villains.

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