Manufacturing of cards to order

Manufacturing of cards to orderIt is always pleasant to receive cards. And if it is made the hands, it is pleasant doubly. If you like to create something the hands, business on manufacturing of cards to you. For this purpose existence of special possibilities is not obligatory, the most printsipny is an imagination.

To begin this business, it is necessary to make the business plan. This activity is aimed at wide audience as the most part of people with pleasure will want to put to own gift an unusual card of handwork. Therefore press of cards quite profitable business. On a site it is possible to learn more detailed information about the press of cards.

First, it is necessary to get acquainted with technicians and materials which are used for production of cards. All this information can be found in the Internet. After production of ordinary cards, it is possible to learn more difficult technicians, such as a decoupage and a tunnel beech.

Materials and tools

From materials ribbons, a band, paper of different flowers and invoices, pastes, various scenery etc. will be necessary. Materials are necessary for buying under certain cards. Expenses will make about 3-5 thousand roubles.

Also tools, and directly a knife will be necessary for paper, scissors, a stapler, glue writing and PVA, rulers. It is also possible to use the printer which can be rented.

Realization of cards

Probably, realization is the most important aspect of the business plan of production of cards. First it is possible to make to itself advertizing, giving cards to friends and acquaintances. And late it is possible to start to cooperate with shops already trading cards. The part of profit will depart in this case to shop.

Not including it to sell cards it is possible and on Internet sites on trade in a handiwork or to start own site. The maintenance of own site can cost 10 thousand roubles. But such type of sales can become the most favorable if to untwist a site and to pick up partners.

Product advance

Before approach of any holidays, it is necessary to give more active advertizing. If it is advertizing in printing editions, it should be bright. It is also possible to stick announcements in places where many people gather.
Very dokhodno to do wedding invitations as design one, and is a lot of copies. Therefore it is possible to throw advertizing in wedding agency or the REGISTRY OFFICE.

Income of activity

As to profit, one ordinary card costs 40-70 rubles, and the qualitative unusual card can be embodied and for 200-300 rubles. Recognizing that temporary costs for manufacturing are very small, the income leaves very high.


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