Motivation of the personnel as a result of effective composition of methods

Motivation of the personnel as a result of effective composition of methodsThe question of effective motivation interests for a long time practically each managing director of the company. How to increase productivity and self-return of employees, losing bad experts?

In administrative activity two types of motivation are conditionally accepted: motivation material and motivation non-material. Why division conditional – because in both cases there are currency costs.

Stimulation by means of material means more widespread: these are awards, increases to a salary, various prizes. Such motivation of the personnel is much simpler, after all does not ask deepening from management in life of employees: it is not necessary to be interested in tastes and requirements workers, his hobbies. Also organizational efforts also disappear. On a site you can learn more detailed information about motivation of the personnel.

The non-material way of stimulation often appears more operating and favorable. It is first more economical, more pleasant, and, plus to everything, causes even more respect and thanks to management.

Economical motivation

The attention is always pleasant. Each worker has the interests therefore from the administration would be very attentive step to motivate own employees with tickets for a concert of the loved performer, a compensatory holiday or the gift certificate.

Training. Among employees always there will be people purposeful, wishing continuous development. It is possible to motivate such workers with training trainings or courses.

Respect and honor. Recognition of awards and a praise before employees often is the most necessary method of encouragement. It can occur in various forms: rewarding by the diplomas, valuable prizes, placement of articles about the most successful employees in intra organizational newspapers or magazines.

Collective rest. For this day among other types of rest cooperative rest became quite popular. All employees with pleasure will use possibility to receive in a permit merit on the sea, excursion round or outdoor activities with games. Similar actions not only are quite good incentive, well and strengthen local climate in collective.

Stimulating employees, printsipno to hold in the head

Not to puzzle, how to encourage the worker, it is possible simply at it about it to ask. It will be in more operating way to learn suitable information.

It is necessary to use unpredictable incentives. Effect from unexpected prizes will be much more, than from ordinary, start up and adjusted, motivation systems.

Not to spoil the relations of boundaries the employees, it is not necessary to be fond of expensive gifts for the purpose of encouragement of workers. Use small souvenirs – they too will cause pleasure and will strengthen local climate in collective.

Awarding the person, give reason for this encouragement not to come across a misunderstanding wall in collective. After all very often personally your outlook about talents of the employee will meet about ten absolutely others.

For determination of luck of work it is possible to use tables of estimates, various charts. It is necessary to make a start from a numerical factor. Only objectivity in selection of criteria of job evaluation will positively affect motivation system.

Do not forget that people different. Therefore, preferring this or that type of motivation, make a start from own knowledge of psychology of your employees. Only then you can achieve absolute success.


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