Observance of fire safety regulations in office rooms

Observance of fire safety regulations in office roomsAll structures are necessary for building taking into account all established rules and laws, at all this very printsipno in advance to consider all features of the subsequent operation of rooms. Safety of a structure should be at high level, in particular if it is a question of fire safety. Though what room in what it is carried out though what kind of activity, there are people, and the unlimited number of the devices demanding an electric food works, receive a certain category. It is dependent on the appointed category, it will be necessary to observe a number of the exposed requirements for safety measures. Category assignment to a room is carried out under the relevant article of regulations in what are registered requirements for fire safety. The exception is made by offices which are separately standing and do not treat a building of housing stock or a warehouse. It is obligatory, that in such office two exits were provided. Usually similar rooms settle down on the first a floor.

As it is correct to organize evacuation of people

Usually there should be a good plan of evacuation. Only the skilled specialist can execute development and production of plans of top-level evacuation. Very printsipno in advance to take care of evacuation of people at the moment of ignition and a beginning fire. Indoors there should be free evacuation ways and corridors, and pleasant materials should be located so that it was clear, where the exit is located. Existence of system of the notification will give a signal if necessary to leave a room because of fire emergence.

Devices of the fire alarm system

The fire alarm system this one of more printsipny devices which is capable to provide safety in workers office rooms. Alarm systems are installed everywhere where activity of people is conducted and works computer and other types of equipment. Conditions of neotklonimy installation and a rule of use of systems of the notification correctly also it is laboriously registered in the city law. It is dependent on category which the room or a building concerns the various levels of fire-prevention protection provided in NPB 104-03 are provided. If the office is in a big building, in it for system of fire safety the designer of a structure, and after it and the owner of a certain room should answer. According to the Federal law of the requirement for fire safety are registered executed at observance of the 3rd main пт:

– parameters of regulations are completely observed in coordination from the category appointed to a room;
– risk borders are accurately defined, and properties are in a norm framework;
– systems of fire safety are serviceable that should be documented.


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