Own business – we open cafe

Own business – we open cafeAt a certain moment, but to much comes to mind thought to open own business. But what is better? Here in what a question. Main. And further questions will already begin: how? And on what? And how many it will be necessary? And what profit it is possible to expect? And what prospects at this business? And still there are a lot of different questions.

On some of them we also will try to give answers now – for those who will want to think over option of opening of own cafe. In general, if to approach to this question is a business very much and very profitable, the business having good prospects. Judge for yourself, refresh the memoirs. In cafe more decently and more purely, than in any snackbar, in a bar. And it is incomparable cheaper, than at restaurant. So shortcoming on a visit, it is necessary to consider, it is not expected. For this purpose, naturally, it is necessary to choose not a bad place under cafe. It is necessary to consider and still some nuances of this business. They are inherent in all sphere of restaurant business.

Again main thought: very printsipno correct, "fish" situation. Here it is necessary to consider and presence of already acting competitors in the neighbourhood. Perfectly, when nearby there are a lot of various office buildings, shops, cultural establishments. But plays the role and a factor of the price of rent of the occupied area, because at the expense of it it is possible to win if to open cafe in the dormitory area.

It is necessary обмыслить the menu, house specialties by which the cafe to guests will be remembered further. Here it is necessary to consider and the developed demand, the offer around your cafe. For example, can be near the hostel, in what many one nationality settles down. It is natural that dishes from their state kitchen even will include very pertinently in the menu.

Also you need a room for an office, from where you will run all the business. For an office the excellent furniture is necessary, after all you will accept clients who will order in you holidays in cafe. Each office begins with a presentable reception. Here are resistant for mobster reception not the bad decision for your office. Further the good leather sofa and chairs is necessary.

It is also necessary обмыслить to trifles an interior, internal furniture of cafe. To make in it a certain highlight, that, for example, one word: «in an aquarium!» or «at a parrot!» for constant guests of your cafe was as if the password: if there will be in your cafe a visible aquarium or a bright and talkative parrot.

Do not forget also such "trifle", as floor spaces which too it will be perfectly necessary to equip. In coordination with sanitary standards.

It is necessary for a meeting to bring in the item of expenditure, without considering a tenancy, its repair, furniture as well the equipment for fall a cropper. Refrigerating, ware – washing, tables, kitchen utensils, coffee-machines, ware and tableware, weight кастрюлек and frying pans … Ours is cheaper, but quality. English, German – the class, well also costs much. Quite good it is considered Italian.

Add still costs for food, a salary to the personnel, utility bills and many «on a trifle» which also essentially can develop the item of expenditure.

And to reduce the risk – nobody is insured from losses, work option of work on the franchize.


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