Pizza and a land with home delivery

Pizza and a land with home deliveryTo try tasty food and at all this to receive a gift from the company which makes its delivery directly on the house to customers absolutely simply. Service charges points for 10 percent from the sum of each of orders. If you invite to use service of own friend, receive 100 points after it will make the order.

That who will begin to leave reviews of service activity after design and to put on a husky site, will receive on one point for though what of put лайков. For an assessment of the mobile appendix to you will add to a meeting of 100 points. In time to become popular order service with home delivery of tasty restaurant dishes renders such service, as a pizza on the house.

It is real economy that who eternally has no time to prepare or that who simply does not love and is not able to do it. A pizza prepared by inimitable culinary specialists, it is possible to try with a summation condition for the gathered points, service made at numerous use. The saved points can be spent for acquisition of other tasty dishes, having used, for example, such service, as land delivery to the address designated by you.

The Italian and Japanese, Korean and Russian, Chinese and American, Armenian and European kitchens wait for an assessment of real gourmets. Restaurants weight, but now all of them are brought together on a uniform site where it is simply possible to order directly that food to which you prefer personally, your guests and members of your family. At demand registration by phone, e-mail or directly on a portal, do not forget to specify exact time of demanded delivery, also the sum of the small order.

In each of restaurants sum of the small order, individual. Data on it are available on a site. For example, the pizza can be ordered at the smaller order both for eight hundred, and for 500 rubles at the rate on one portion. In some institutions of public catering this popular dish will cost one thousand rubles.

Aspire to try exotic Mexican and Uzbek viands, after all orders deliver directly to you in an office or to the house at most through an hour and a half after these dishes will be prepared by high-quality cooks.

Gastronomic and culinary masterpieces on delivery for MKAD borders to you will bring for three hundred rubles. Consider the smaller sum of orders. Increase the sum of delivery of food can in those cases if it has to be carried very far from one of stations of the capital underground. Service foresees payment by means of bank cards.


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