Purchase of ready business: pluses and minuses

Purchase of ready business: pluses and minusesAt a certain moment many of us reflect on own business, here then we become before a choice – to develop the business idea, or to get already operating business. Let’s concentrate the attention to the last and we will try to understand.

One of the main issues before us will melt, it why sell business? And that comes to the 1st mind not dokhodno, but it not always so, can be and other preconditions of such decision: loss of interest to this kind of activity, transition to another business – idea, unprofitability of the company, other preconditions of personal character.

Information on business sale usually have on the Internet, or than print media is more rare on television, and at the Exchange of the birga-ltd.ua Enterprises. There are the special companies, engaged to a purchase – sale of "turnkey business". More widespread it is purchase and sale of hotel and restaurant business, in the sphere of providing various services, also trade.

Before getting ready business at the Exchange of the birga-ltd Companies it is necessary to study not only all pluses, as well shortcomings of such method. Here more widespread.

It is necessary to carry to advantages:

– the business plan is ready;

– the enterprise officially works (has the state registration);

– existence of an office / production room;

– picked-up group of experts;

– placement in the market;

– the client base is created;

– existence of the corresponding permissions and licenses;

Shortcomings treats:

– unprofitability of the enterprise;

– not qualified personnel;

– bad business reputation;

– small / there is no demand in the market;

– rent term, or rent on unprofitable aspects comes to an end;

– big competition in the market, lack of demand in the market;

– debt (before workers, a fine, penalties, taxes) the companies.

If you after all decided to take ready business it is necessary to weigh perfectly everything not to burn through. It is necessary to consider some nuances:

– to find out the truth the realization reason;

– to study the market;

– to study company documents;

– to check contracts on rent (on what aspects it is rented to whom belongs, rent terms, etc.)

– to carry out levy of execution;

– to learn about reputation of the enterprise.

Printsipnym, will find out also what affairs from the owner with the personnel and partners. Buying firm, you become the owner of a trademark, firm attributes, symbolics, etc.

If you buy only a part (instead of 100 % of the constituent capital), it is necessary to obtain permit of other participants for a configuration of documents of the enterprise.

Cost of the company should be "real", unreasonably high price asks even more time to pay back the expenses connected with purchase. If the price is underestimated, it is not necessary to rejoice after all, it is the certificate of that the enterprise is unprofitable and the owner as soon as possible longs for it to embody.

That not "to get a pig in a poke" it is necessary to use professional services of the special companies http://birga-ltd.ua/company/firm which will provide you all suitable information on activity of this enterprise. The assessment of the company can be made by means of the program which checks the rights of accessory to property, observance of the labor legislation, aspect of work, the accounting reporting, existence of licenses and permissions, the property is not put, is not in custody etc.

Purchase of "turnkey business" quite good option for those who longs to have own business, after all it saves your time, and you should not register firm, to receive unlimited quantity of permissions, possibility to avoid various checks. But you will need to collect a maximum инфы from all sources, to consult with specialists, it is impossible to cope emotions and only then to make the decision.

If to consider stated information all above, purchase it will be obligatory successful!


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