Purchase of the goods in China

Purchase of the goods in ChinaThe modern market is oversaturated by the Chinese production, these products cheap, and on quality from time to time do not concede to the European.

Let’s open some printsipny preconditions of the Chinese business.

Enormous perfection in cooperation with the People’s Republic of China will be that it makes excellent suitable and rather cheap production. According to it to realize it it is possible much more expensively and as result – the Chinese business becomes fascinating and profitable. It is possible to organize deliveries from China, products from China wholesale, machines and all this on quite low price.

How to begin trade with China?

For a start it is necessary to carry out the detailed research of marketing. It is necessary to study the consumer market and to find out, what production more intelligible and after that to start to find the producer. For this purpose it is necessary to be addressed in the company which is engaged in collecting инфы about the goods which you interest. Such company will inform on reputation and a rating of this producer.

How to create sale of the Chinese production?

Here it is necessary to consider the next making moments.

At first it is necessary to approve the producer, to find out quality and reliability of a let-out product. Some businessmen very much trust the producer (samples which are provided at exhibitions, do not show quality of all production). To check all made product absolutely can be: it is necessary to be convinced that this company and is the producer, instead of the intermediary, and for this purpose it is necessary to study in details documentation and to book audit. The consulting company can carry out the best check. It is necessary to trust the tested companies.

Drawing up and the conclusion of legally competent and competent contract will be the following step. The contract is necessary for concluding taking in attention the Chinese right, and in the text to enter zones of arbitration process, into a case of emergence of troubles. It is necessary to bring the necessary approved samples in the agreement concerning packing, delivery terms, specifying penalty size at violation, to find quantity of the ordered product. The contract is made in several copies: in language of the customer and in Chinese.

It is recommended to carry out systematically independent audit, adhering to a certain rule. Only after verification of the characteristic of the ordered product, it is possible to create payment. for the provided services.

Following the councils set forth above, your cooperation with China will be productive, long and successful, and successful and happy prosperity will be guaranteed to business.


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