Ritual wreaths as business sphere

Ritual wreaths as business sphereThe death of the person is the logical completion of its existence, and anything with it to do is unreal. Relatives of the victim will naturally want to give the last tribute deceased, and according to traditions, will present mourning wreaths and other funeral attributes. Demand for funeral services will exist until there lives the person. And thanks to it though what wishing can be engaged in creation of self-made ritual wreaths, and test itself as the malekhanky supplier.

Advantage of this kind of activity is that such wreaths do not spoil without external influence, and can be stored unlimited quantity of time. Business can bring in good incomes to his owner. It is naturally possible to do wreaths of fresh flowers. Here on a site ritualluks.ru it is possible to order wreaths from fresh flowers.

For creation of ritual wreaths this list of things is required:

– Framework
– Artificial fir-tree, flowers and leaves
– Ruff
– Ritual tapes
– Glue and the gun for glue

Wreaths can differ in the size and complexity of production. For creation of successful business it is necessary to analyse a market situation, for the purpose of identification of more suitable product. The statistics of demand on specifically your city will allow to orient what type of wreaths best of all to create. It is possible to test to think up that – that from itself, after all many people like a personal approach.

For opening of own business it will be necessary for you to rent a room in the area more than 30 sq.m. It is necessary to prepare a part of a room under a trading zone, and of other part to make a warehouse under storage and creation of wreaths. Not including that you need to employ some people who will be engaged in creation of wreaths while you will do cash operations or to be engaged in development of new design. If it is too expensive for you to rent such area, it is possible to begin and with a small workshop, over time moderately extending. It is possible to start to be engaged in wholesale retail of wreaths a bit later. But for this purpose it will be necessary for you to employ the additional personnel.
To make a ritual wreath very simply.

For this purpose prepared framework sheathe a fir-tree, a tape or a ruff, decorate with flowers and leaves later. To work with natural flowers follows only under the order, on another they can deteriorate before time. To store wreaths it is necessary carefully, on another they can lose appearance.

Advertizing is necessary to each successful business, and this is not an exception. It is possible to make own Internet shop or to issue advertizing brochures with the product range.

To buy materials it is best of all wholesale, approximately for production of 100 finished articles. At all this your general expenses, taking into account a tenancy, will not exceed 100 т.р. Cost of the 1st ready wreath on the average can make from 500 to 5000 rub. And ritual wreaths from fresh flowers are more expensive considerably. The conclusion is obvious, this business simply pays off, and will bring in the good income. The most important carefully to think over all details, and then even the most necessary competitors to you will be not terrible.


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