Sale of apartments – profitable business for everyone

Sale of apartments – profitable business for everyoneOpening of own business is the best option of earnings of means. Only not all businessmen are ready to risk the property for the sake of possible profit in the forthcoming. Fears of bankruptcy of the company and loss of all savings force many to be released from idea of creation of the company.

There are some options of creation of own business:

1. Opening of realtor agency.

It will be necessary rather big contribution of means. Also the matter asks a competence and professionalism maximum. Many companies which collapsed only from – for empty ambitions are known.

For opening of realtor agency the following is necessary:

– Company registration.
– Office rent.
– Advertizing activity.
– Other expenses, for example: furniture, communication, personnel, etc.

2. Acquisition and real estate resale.

For resale it is necessary to have in the accessories, at least one-two apartments. At their absence it is possible to issue the credit in bank as Limited liability company or the Personal Businessman. On a site you can learn more detailed information that it is necessary to know at sale of the apartment and practically all another.

For receiving positive result providing the business plan in what the following is specified is necessary:

– Addresses and company details.

Not including locations of the company also home address of the founder is specified.

– Real estate cost.
– Price range of accounting and legal service.
– The different calculations connected with expenses and expected profit.
– Marketing strategy.

In the business plan it is necessary to specify a type of advertizing which will be used further. Quite good marketing directly influences real estate purchase in short terms. The better it is thought over, the it is more than chances of approval of the credit from bank workers.

– Threats which can lead to powerful losses, for example, natural disasters.

To be secured against losses from the elements or a human factor it is necessary to think over insurance and installation of systems of safety.

To begin business there is not enough opening by bank of a credit strip on apartments. It is necessary to wait recognitions of the right of accessory on the apartment and only then to start to operate.

Many receive apartments and lease them for the purpose of payment of a mortgage loan. The option – rather favorable, but takes long time: from 5 years and more.


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