Sale of fruit and berries with a preliminary freezing

Sale of fruit and berries with a preliminary freezingThe majority of people has the economy in the form of kitchen gardens and gardens. In their once a year grow up various berry cultures (a cherry, a currant, Victoria, wild strawberry, a gooseberry), also fruit-trees (an apple-tree, a pear, plum). After all thoroughly gorged on new fruit and berries, there comes a time of conservation, a zasushka of fruit and berries, also a freezing by means of freezing chambers or ordinary freezers in the refrigerator. At all this all useful vitamins and properties of fruit with berries remain almost invariable.

But there is also such category of people which have no in accessory of the land lots on which they could grow up something. And at city speed the lives much also do not want to be engaged in truck farming. Such people prefer to buy all products, including fruit with berries in the markets, in supermarkets.

All of us know as various berries, here if to take berry годжи are useful, they are very useful to cardiovascular system. At this berry still there are a lot of positive characteristics if you look for where to get dried berries годжи, you will be helped by the Internet. There is a specialist the intern shops where you can get berries годжи.

In the winter, it is very heavy to find fresh berries on counters of shops, and fruit stands very expensively. Respectively the way out is a deepest freezing that is profitable business during this period as many know that the frozen berries and fruit on flavoring qualities and utility practically do not concede to the fresh. They can be used in a usual look, it is also possible to do various compotes, the berry juices which are so useful during the winter period.

The income of realization of berries and fruit in the frozen look.

The income of realization in the frozen type of berries and fruit can make from 60 % to 100 %.

To begin business, it is necessary to acquire the special equipment.

– The freezing chamber with 3 steps of a freezing;
– The refrigerating chamber, approximately on 10 on 8 on 2,5 m;
– Split systems;
– The dosing-out packing device.

At first it is possible to acquire the available equipment, also there are announcements in the secondary markets where it is possible to acquire the second-hand equipment with good lines, but is cheaper in 2 or in 3 times, than new.

For the 1st 18 months, costs for the equipment will simply pay off. Work only on profit further will go.

Only two workers can do work on an initial step. One worker is necessary for washing and drying of berries and fruit, another for their folding in the freezing chamber. Rent on an initial step of this business is not necessary, enough area allocated in the personal house. It is also necessary to find huge buyers who could receive a product in bulk. For this purpose it is possible to give advertizing in mass media.

At a good result it is possible to increase volumes on a freezing and purchase of more expensive equipment.


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