Sawmill as profitable business

Sawmill as profitable businessTimber was always necessary for earth population during any times. They are widely necessary in construction area, also among ordinary inhabitants. For this reason the business based on production of timber, is profitable and can bring in the income to several million rubles. The most part of malekhanky sawmills can create rather wide assortment row of production. The size of profit which can be received from such production, depends on several circumstances.

For production of timber it is necessary to organize correctly a workplace to which all necessary constructions for effective work will be concentrated. On a site it is necessary to arrange:

– Hangar;
– Platform;
– Canopy;
– A warehouse intended for storage of logs;
– A warehouse intended for storage of finished goods.

Also it is necessary to allocate a platform where there will be unloading and loading works for districts of production. For such work to you it will be necessary a traverse. On a site you can get traverses.

Workers work at sawmills under the contract of price-work compensation. The salary is charged by it for each cube of a ready material.

It will be necessary to spend about 3 million rubles for creation of economic sawmill. So, only the full set of the equipment can cost one million rubles. On production of timber three main machines which are necessary for getting are involved: tape power-saw bench, kruglopilny and mnogopilny machines. Other part of means will leave on raw materials, i.e. the wood it will be necessary for them to fill a warehouse to start production work. The sawmill of such scale can start to make profit in 18 months.

To be necessary to note, what to create timber in "deaf" areas even cheaper as rent of rooms and power resources stand 10 times less, than in the central areas.

It is also necessary to know what to redeem the earth in a property from timber enterprise through auction costs in this case if it is necessary to make a large quantity пиломатериала as from the 1st cubic meter it is possible to save up only 200-300 rubles.

For those who is going to be engaged for the first time in sale of timber it is necessary to consider that the customer pays not only finished goods, well and accompanying accessories: coils for a cable, pallets and another. The similar product becomes from an illiquid waste.

If work on sawmill is perfectly organized, it will bring in the high income. At all this it is necessary to consider that creation asks big costs for the electric power, for rent of warehouse and production rooms, the maintenance of machines etc.


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