Shinshillovy business

Shinshillovy businessThe fur of a chinchilla is appreciated, as the most expensive and prestigious. The fur coat from such fur costs from 10.000 c.u. and is not only warm clothes, well and has the prestigious appearance specifying the status of the owner. From an antiquity the legend remained that the chinchilla is able to find treasures. This myth or not, but for this day is truthful, the chinchilla itself is such treasure.

The skin of such small animal costs more than 50 dollars, and some reach in the prices to 500 for one piece. Costs for cultivation of a chinchilla and her contents are not considerable. If to consider that in a year you pay back the costs.

At all so long since to plant chinchillas was not absolutely popular business. All farms tried to plant a mink. Presently to plant chinchillas became more. For this day the fur from a chinchilla is appreciated more expensively mink, and costs for cultivation of small animals – it is less.

To start such type of business, it is necessary to be registered as the businessman and to receive permissions in veterinary hospital. It will make not so hard.
The plan it is necessary to bring such moments in business:
– the size of a farm is determined by quantity of individuals, but it is necessary to expect emergence of posterity.
– it is necessary to maintain constantly the best temperature in average borders – 16 degrees and humidity of air of 55 %.
If to ignore such factors, it not only will badly affect and health of small animals, and on fur, well and on the prices.
For many the modern equipped farm can be it is too expensive, and the best option will be – cultivation of small animals of chinchillas of the house. If you want to be engaged in such kind of activity, pay attention to such preconditions:
– smell. Chinchillas do not smell, but their products of activity have a smell. You will not feel a smell if some small animals but if will be more live in the apartment – smell there will be cages, a laying, a forage.
– it is necessary to observe temperature and humidity of air which in house aspects it is heavy to achieve.
– You should take care of a sales market in advance. After all without considering some meat, it is necessary to realize skins somewhere. For this purpose they need to learn to be removed correctly.
If you can overcome the listed difficulties, can begin shinshillovy business.
At present there are a lot of wishing to get fur of such small animals. As there are offices which are engaged in buying up of chinchillas. It will reduce your time and will deprive of unpleasant procedure to kill and remove skins.


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