Shop of souvenirs: business plan of opening

Shop of souvenirs: business plan of openingThe shop of souvenirs is not so difficult business and in a certain degree pleasant. It is not necessary to expect high profit on it, the huge role is played by seasonality, but such business does not ask huge investments. If to consider the detailed business plan of such shop, it will be visible that a threshold of occurrence into a branch small. The main thing it is attentive обмыслить the range.

Before opening of shop of souvenirs it is necessary carefully обмыслить its orientation. It is possible to sell already ready souvenirs (for example, Chinese or Indian), it is possible to emphasize sale of talismans which bring love and good luck. But also it is possible to use other concept, for example, to sell a handiwork: toys, subjects for an interior, scenery. Here souvenir plates will have to order are good demand among people. On a site it is possible to learn more detailed information about souvenir plates to order.

On the following step of opening it is necessary to pick up a place which will be suitable for shop of souvenirs. It is possible, naturally to look after a tiny room in any brisk area. But, if to trust specialists, it will be better to rent a place in bolshenny shopping center. It is not necessary for shop of souvenirs of the big area, will suffice and 5-6 sq.m. Thus, cost of rent will not surpass 18 000 rubles a month. On by it, before opening of shop it is necessary to be registered by the personal businessman (it will make about 1000 rubles), also to get the cash register (about 15 000 rubles).

The maintenance of gift shop does not foresee purchase of expensively trading equipment. Costs for a rack, a rack get the idea of the business plan with the cash register and on purchase of the goods only. Then that, taking in attention given above costs, the sum of initial investments will make about 48 000 rubles. The sum on purchase of the goods about 20 000 rubles.

It is worth to remember that this business has seasonal nature. In other words before approach of certain holidays it is necessary to buy the corresponding products. In forthcoming it is possible to sign the contract with the master who will do unique souvenirs. It can become feature of your shop.

Such type of business very much suits creative people. For example, you can sell various cards, toys, scenery which do by the hands. All this can expand the range of shop.

On the first step the spotless profit of shop minus all expenses can make to 5 000 rubles every month. The payback period makes about a year.


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