Some words about landing pages

Some words about landing pages

If you though a little were interested in Internet marketing, then should simply hear the term "Landing Page" or – landing page. It is a new, very interesting and available way of conversion of guests in clients. But about everything one after another.

If to reject superfluous, behind the pathos title the ordinary one-page site disappears. But let it does not mislead you. On the unique page "landing page" publishes a lot of printsipny and useful инфы. The main objective of landing page to grasp attention of the user and visit him to a certain action. Usually, them use for промо actions of a certain group of the goods or services.

Creation of design of a site "landing page" foresees need of formation of so-called "triggers" (English hook) which will concentrate on itself attention of users. In a cap of a site the kutsy description of a product or service which is offered on this page, for example can be placed:" Site creation". When the user only came on page, he to a meeting will see the text, and will acquire that was not mistaken the address (if it is natural, it is direct that it found). Under a logo the 2nd trigger which is responsible for the unique offer can be placed: A discount of 20 % for all orders till the end of a month". The user is necessary for giving opportunity to execute the order, for example, having pressed the corresponding Order button. If, "uniqueness" of the offer did not convince him, he will start to thumb through page down, and will get on the following hook – "Pluses". Usually, they are represented in a look инфографики – a beautiful combination of icons and clear figures. The following step can be arranged "trigger" in the form of responses of happy owners of offered service or a product and examples of their realization. If the user still did not close page and continues it to thumb through, it testifies that it more detailed information on the goods or its cost interests. Here it is necessary to arrange the small table with comparison of price offers or price justification. After that, it is necessary to allocate again uniqueness of the offer and again to suggest the user to execute the order.

It is worth to remember that not all users like to create the order online. Quite most part of users prefer live or telephone communication. Therefore, it is worth to remember about need of placement of a contact information (phones and the address) at the top of and in the bottom of page.

That’s all – it is simple and excellent. Creation of promo-sites costs cheaper considerably high-grade multipage, and therefore allows to order some landing pages for the various goods or services.


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