The Stavitsky twisted that Ukraine does not conduct negotiations with the Russian company Gazprom

The Stavitsky twisted that Ukraine does not conduct negotiations with the Russian company GazpromOn Saturday at a briefing Stavitsky (the minister responsible for power and the coal industry in the country) declared that Ukraine does not plan restructuring of own debts which size makes exactly 2,7 billion dollars for 2013, also does not conduct negotiations with the Gazprom company on the matter. Not including that, Edward Stavitsky explained to journalists that the shown sum of money is long NAK "Naftogaz". Directly they should pay it.

According to the same minister, the contract on supply of gas consisted between "Gazprom" and NAK "Naftogaz", and for this reason any personal company is not a zadolzhnik of the Russian company. He assured journalists that everything goes in a standard mode, as well as was written in the contract which was concluded.

Victor Valov (the person who is responsible for foreign economic activity of the Gazprom company) declared on January 23 that Ukraine should meet debts which at present makes 2,7 billion dollars to the 25th.

After Valov’s statement Ukriana’s minister assured journalists that Ukraine considers some solutions of the matter with supply of gas to the country, also duty payment. He declared that both parties already have a solution of current situation. All calculations will be carried out in time.

But as it appeared further, Ukraine did not pay off the duty. The prime minister of the Russian Federation declared on January 29 that they did not pay even a part of a duty. Any steps by Ukraine it was not undertaken in the solution of the matter.

The meeting of 2 presidents took place in Moscow at the end of 2013 on December 17, on purpose nevertheless to find a compromise in the circumstances. Questions on revision of some пт contracts were behind closed doors discussed.

Heads of 2 countries came to the agreement that it is necessary to reduce cost of gas exported by Russia slightly. Ukraine will pay 268, 5 dollars for gas cubic meter. Before the agreement cost of the Russian gas made 400 dollars for cubic meter — it is the mid-annual price which all other countries which receive in the Russian Federation gas in 2013 pay. Can be at present, Ukraine nevertheless can pay off with all debts, in particular for 2013 after here already in an extent of many years asked about gas reduction of price for cubic meter.


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