The country house in Turkey – dream in reality!

The country house in Turkey - dream in reality!Presently each reasonable person tries not to store means, and looks for ways to compel them to "work". More reliable investments are a purchase of real estate abroad. And it is concrete, if you think of this question, costs guide attention to the real estate market in Turkey. The Turkish nature, the purest sea, exotic of the East and boundless possibilities for tourism do not leave you indifferent. You can choose a smart country house and have a rest a family, or the ringing company to spend unforgettable summer days. At desire it is possible to become the owner, so-called apartments, magnificent apartments, usually, in any status housing estates. Not including that good news as is that fact that visa registration is not required.

If you without the aid of others plunge into the world of the market of real estate of Turkey, you will have a mass of questions including a legal order, on ignorance it is possible to pass any nuances. What to do? To you the team of professionals of the Hayat Estate company to the aid will come, at all this to you these services will be free, they receive the commission from partner builders. Partners of the company – Turkish agencies of real estate and the largest builders.

To you can seem, what the zabugorny real estate is very much the long process of design with a set of troubles? It at all so. Procedure of design of real estate in Turkey legally absolutely not difficult process which is not demanding huge investments. Laws of Turkey submit to standards of Europe – procedure of purchase and sale is simple and transparent, taxes on real estate low, receiving residence permit (VNZh) too will not cause any troubles, and the prices for utilities, household need and food are very democratic. And even your Russian driver’s license here will be really.

To look at the real estate objects, available the market, you can on a Hayat Estate company site. At your service rather ordinary navigation, you can familiarize with information on the agency of real estate, on types and real estate pluses abroad, and very informative catalog does not leave indifferent anybody. Well and if you after all doubt, all of you can use such service, as free (!) information and survey round to Turkey where you will live in apartments of the partner builder, the Elite Group company.


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