Vitaly Homutynnik — the young Ukrainian politician

Vitaly Homutynnik — the young Ukrainian politicianVitaly Homutynnik quite young and recognizable Ukrainian politician. He was born on August 4, 1976 in Makeyevka. For it longed to appoint to the highest position concerning a youth and sports family in the Public tax administration and the ministry, but he refused. It preferred parliament where defended interests of businessmen of Ukraine.

In fifteen years Vitaly Homutynnik already started to work. In 1993 it began the small business. For seed capital it had not to take the credits and debts as he involved means from outside buyers, it made the starting capital by that.

Same year it made Kaskad firm which began to sew overalls for workers of own city. Further, on the basis of this company JSC Kaskad was created. It began to deliver the industrial equipment on the different enterprises. Till today JSC Kaskad is versatile investment holding.

In 2001 arrived to a position of the director general of the AOZO Overalls personal computer, working there till April, 2002. All these merits made it known.

In 1998 it begins the political career. Till 2002 it worked in Central city regional council the chairman of the economic commission. The party in what Vitaly Yuryevich consisted, was not known.

In 2002 Vitaly accepts the rigid decides to go in only for policy. Under the law he should copy all the assets on relatives to it people. After it made it, it concentrated the attention on work in parliament. In it there is one more plus: thanks to such situation it became independent of compensation of the People’s Deputy. Vitaly Homutynnik already elected in the Verkhovna Rada three times. And if you have questions, on a Facebook Homutynnik can answer them.

At present Vitaly is one of few young People’s Deputies who at such age already managed to achieve visible results in the career. Vitaly is the member of various fractions and associations.

Vitaly made more than 100 bills actually everything from which were accepted. On work on the Tax code he too did not remain in the shadow. At present Vitaly Homutynnik the worthy economist of Ukraine also was awarded the order 2 and 3 degrees «For merits».


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