We begin construction of the wood house. What to choose a log or a bar?

We begin construction of the wood house. What to choose a log or a bar?In life of each person, almost always men, there comes such moment when it would like to build the house or at least giving. Here also there is a question, what for this purpose it is necessary and how to pick up a suitable material for construction? Prior to the beginning of construction it is necessary to be defined, how this structure will be used: either for a constant residence or for seasonal accommodation. The answer to this question will allow to make a right choice of a construction material for overlappings and walls of this house.

Many people give presently a choice at a house construction to a tree. This choice is absolutely reasonable, as the tree is ecologically spotless product. Even since ancient times people built the dwellings of this construction material.

Technologies of construction of wood houses in Finland, used for this day, much more developped constructive possibilities of use of this material, on a site http://visillatalot.com/ it is possible to find information on what directly the houses build in Finland, at what prices and technologies. Now there are such types of houses from a tree, as chopped, from an otsilindrovanny log, from a pilenny bar, frame, from the stuck together bar. Service life of modern houses became much more long, than was before, thanks to new technologies. At present to such houses it is possible is weakened to bring all benefits of apartment houses: sewerage, to the electrician, heating or water supply system. Internal furnish becomes without special troubles. Printsipnym is that fact that wood structures perfectly detain warmly and in the house always pleasant local climate. If to compare on the prices, the price for construction of country wood houses comparably below, than the price for construction of the same houses to application of a brick or blocks.

When it is precisely clear that a material for construction the tree will be direct, it will be necessary to solve what option of performance of construction.

For an ordinary lodge in what accommodation will be almost always in a summer season, the frame design from an otsilindrovanny log or the stuck together bar will approach.

In certain cases will there can be an application of a profilirovanny bar. Such design can be made in 3-5 months (everything will depend on difficulty of installation). This construction of an easy sample and under it it is not necessary to fill in the base. Furnish can be created to a meeting after design collecting. Settling process in such country house is possible to a meeting after the completion of all works.

Wood lodge which will be used for continuous accommodation, it is recommended to build of a bar of natural humidity. For warming of walls of such structures often use warming by a siding. He does not ask leaving in a current of long years. Some for comfort outside обкладывают a brick or fix the house an edging board. Indoors all overlappings wood, and it means that during the winter period in the house hot, and during a summer season the cool remains. To such dwellings directly after construction will become populated it is impossible, as houses from a bar give a strong usadka. Therefore furnish of the house is postponed after construction for some gleam of time, about a year is not less, Only after that complete furnish becomes and moving is carried out.

Accommodation in the wood house is useful for a human body. Here the person becomes closer to the nature and keeps all conveniences of a civilization which people use in ordinary apartments.


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