We open a tea and coffee bench

We open a tea and coffee benchIf you the beginner among businessmen, pay attention to growing popularity of shops on sale of tea, coffee and accompanying accessories. Such business does not ask big investments. Rather malekhanky trading floor (15-20 sq.m) with a utility room (about 10 sq.m; dry, warm, perfectly ventilated). It is more convenient to choose the 1st constant supplier of products from the Russian Federation. Printsipno without the aid of others to check quality of a product. Sale of tea and coffee become you favorable if it is correct to establish the prices and to make the most interesting advertizing.

Format of shop and advertizing

Planning of own business is necessary for beginning with a produmyvaniye of a format of shop, i.e. to choose the range of a product, truly to establish the prices, to decide on design of a room and it is successful to pick up outlet placement, to study demand of consumers. It will help to make the estimate of expenses on all business that very printsipno for though what businessman. Opening of the 1st shop is quite good. But if means allow, it is possible to open to a meeting some trading floors which will bring over time more revenue. The concept of work of your shop can be the, but it is possible to work according to the franchize, i.e. to use a ready brand.

The most favorable site of shop are big malls that will provide you with a great number of guests. The department it is possible to arrange also dokhodno on populous city streets. Your shop should have the most interesting sign. For involvement of buyers it is possible to arrange promotion actions – free tasting of hot drinks. Also be engaged in distribution of handbills.

Range of a product

For a start buy:

– more, than 50 types of rassypny tea among which more popular are usually only 20,

– coffee in grains (including elite for gourmets),

– "chayepodobny" drinks (fruit and grassy mixes),

– sweets: figures from chocolate and marzipan, caramel,

– ware for production of tea and coffee.We open a tea and coffee bench

Tea should be presented on though what taste: black, green, white, red, fruit. It is necessary to consider that in the specialist the shop of tea and coffee come not behind tea purchase in bags or already ground coffee, and behind receiving pleasure from the choice of rassypny tea and protogenic coffee in grains. The price policy in a tea and coffee bench should be thought carefully over and aimed at middle class.

Design of shop

The atmosphere of an interior should be cozy, in old style. The wood furniture will perfectly cope with it – regiments for a product and a counter. Colors should be the muffled palette – colors yellow and red. It is possible to allocate feature of shop with a special form of sellers. For external shape of a room it is possible to choose fibrotsementny front panels under a brick.

Personnel choice

Enough 2 sellers who will work on one in change, alternating once a day that the shop worked also during week-end. It is necessary to train the personnel on a place or in the specialist in tea school. Selling assistants should know, than grades differ, and to be able to find an approach to the buyer.


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