What is SRO and how to get the admission?

What is SRO and how to get the admission?Business in the construction sphere and work of the companies in the construction market is connected with licensing of the activity. Now the government is not engaged in licensing a system of works, and this function is assigned to the self-regulating organizations (SRO) which are under control of Dews of technical supervision.

Concept SRO

The self-regulating organizations, in abbreviated form SRO are noncommercial association, whose activity is regulated by the SRO participating companies. A kind of activity of the self-regulating organization generally is development and application of standards in construction, preparation a system of projects, designing and engineering researches.

Since 2010 SRO Admission construction is necessary to the construction organizations for carrying out certain types of works, and for its receiving at first it is necessary to enter the self-regulating company. For this purpose the construction company should address in SRO with the declaration of accession and provide the suitable list of documents. The certificate of SRO acts on all district of the Russian Federation and does not depend on the actual address of a place of its receiving, at all this term of the certificate is unlimited – stands out on all life. Having received the SRO document, the company can be engaged in one of kinds of activity, rendering the certificated and professional services in this direction.

There are companies which assist in obtaining the certificate of SRO, so-called intermediary services. At all this time of obtaining the certificate can be reduced.

Documents necessary for obtaining of the admission of SRO:

– The statement for the voluntary introduction in SRO;
– The certificate on company registration in tax authority;
– Charter;
– Kinds of activity on ОКВЭД, the companies designated at registration;
– Certificate on company state registration;
– Copy of certificate ЕГРЮЛ;
– Diplomas and service records of staff of the company;
– Notarized copy of the passport of the carrier.

The bill of SRO regulates activity of non-profit partnerships, at all this the main function of the country is only in control over fruits of business activity that considerably reduces expenses of the budget of the Russian Federation. At all this it is necessary to consider that builders understand own business better, than officials so and to operate process they should.

The main objective of SRO – control of the characteristic of the executed works. At the introduction in SRO the participating company of non-profit organization should pay a contribution to fund of compensations of SRO which is created for penalty payment in case of disgusting performance a system of works of one of the companies, entered the self-regulating company.


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