Business on preparations and sale of birch sap

Business on preparations and sale of birch sapMany inhabitants of our country know – as birch sap which contains unlimited quantity of the substances suitable for our organism is useful. At the use of birch sap, it is possible to strengthen perfectly health and as to fill stocks with vitamins. At all so long since, many inhabitants of our country tried birch sap which was made by timber enterprises. Now occasionally it is possible to behold such juice on regiments of grocery shops. As it is at present more favorable to firms to create alcohol or different drinks.

And after all birch sap perfectly clears blood, helps to remove heavy metals from an organism. It use in the preventive purposes from onkologiya and make better a fortune at arthritis and rheumatism. Proceeding from it, it is possible to decide for itself that preparation of such useful juice and its future realization, can fill your monetary income. In particular, if to remind people of merits of this remarkable product.

The best option for beginning businessmen will make cooperation with farms, hunters, with zagotovshchik of the wood.
As you will need to get transport which is equipped for big passableness. For those who longs to be engaged in juice collecting without the aid of others – there is a possibility perfectly to earn, as, on the average, from the 1st tree it is possible to receive about 10 l in a day. juice. If you decided to be engaged seriously in such kind of activity and to make the «small plant», the real income you will not disappoint. Natural juice, presently, stands not cheap therefore there is a big prospect.
From the very beginning, it is necessary to find realization points. To sell juice it is possible in cafe, restaurants, in outlets.

It is necessary to give a maximum of attention to storage of juice and its processing because even at the most quite good temperature – a minus in the 5th degree – the period of storage will make till 5 days. To store juice long time it is possible in the frozen look, and after to overwork on kvass or wine. Therefore business can be all-the-year-round.
For juice preparation from birches, pay attention to a zone of finding of trees. After all the highway, the railways, huge factories – will badly affect quality of drinks.
If you liked such idea of business on birch sap – do not stop. Dare. It is necessary to want only And at you everything will turn out, and preparation and realization of birch sap becomes a constant source of the income.


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