Promotion of sites on a financial subject

Promotion of sites on a financial subjectMore various enterprises in the sphere of means decide to develop inflow of orders or to expand client base. The best option it to make and popularize a site for own enterprise. At delivery the Internet of the page, any enterprise on the 1st positions will allow to find in a search engine in short terms probable customers or to present information on the interesting goods or service. For this day there is an unlimited quantity of ways as it is possible to advance the Internet resource of a currency subject. For a start it is necessary to make beautiful and functional design of a site. For example, the example of design of a currency site which offers a resource perfectly looks.

SEO optimization

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – process of addition or a configuration of a content of the Internet site, directed on a position raising in a search engine according to the main search phrases.

Acts are aimed at promotion of a site of the certain subject, consisting in supply of sites by information, advertizing texts, satisfying ways of such searchers as Google, Rambler, Yandex and others. In process study inquiries in the searcher, make base of phrases which are main for a currency subject, on them and it will be prospected (for example, «the interest-free Credit», «the credits by cash»). Sections on a subject of a site are created and information articles, comfortable for the reader gather. No matter what article contains a certain number of the main phrases.

Advertizing campaigns

For advance of production and services, use references, logos, or flashes-applications in itself company symbolics. Them have on postoroniy more favourite services.

Contextual advertizing

Basis of a contextual advertizing is that it is shown to only target audience. The context happens text, graphic announcements and banner. Announcements are made in coordination with page contents. Advertizing is shown only on target audience interested in these or those services which are provided by the company.

Banner advertizing

Static or it is animated – the graphic drawing comprising the text and a symbol of the company, having property of a hyperlink on a certain page call – a banner. Placement and selection the aspect and platforms for displays of announcements, is similar with that, as a contextual advertizing.


This method is possible only in the presence of available base of clients as needs addresses of clients on which mailing will be made. Target transfer инфы is carried out to all news of currency products and configurations in company services.


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