Formation of the modern network equipment

Formation of the modern network equipmentModern networks of telecommunications is a permanent process of improvement and an apgreyding. It is at present very heavy to find, what will be telecommunication networks actually in some years, after all at the beginning of their emergence nobody thought that they will be besprovodnikovy and so thorough as at present.

Vperva about a telephony started talking first last eyelid. And actually for any 100 years exchanged not only technologies, well and principles of their work. The telecommunication first generation network is a usual POTS network (Plain Old Telephone Service).

Digital (digital) of system of transfer инфы which appeared в1980, began development of the concept of ISDN. The network of the ISDN type used digital systems for transfer and digital knots for kommutatsiya. At the end of last century the steady tendency to replacement of the telecommunication equipment which is morally obsolete was outlined. And distribution of the Internet left the mark on a situation and led to increase in network capacity. In the course of introduction of new technologies and development the world saw telecommunication systems of the third generation, so-called, the Next Generation Network networks which became multiservice complexes. For ordinary functioning such difficult systems demand the corresponding equipment which is capable to render the end user of service at due qualitative level.

The network equipment is a complex of devices which are necessary for ordinary functioning of computer or telephone systems. Such concepts as a patch panel or a router, the concentrator or the switchboard are not known to a wide range of consumers, but without them ordinary work of a modern office is impossible.

Conditionally network equipment divide on passive and active. As the active network equipment understand devices which differ a certain "intellectual" line. For example, the switchboard or a router is an active equipment whereas the hub (concentrator) or a repeater (repeater) do not belong to ASO. Because they do not do any "intellectual" actions, and simply repeat an electric signal. The exception makes only such device, as an operated hub.

As to the equipment of passive type, it is that part of network equipment which does not differ intellectual properties. To PSO carry cable system, racks and cases (assembly and telecommunication).

Be dependent on installation type the network equipment can wall, floor and so forth.

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