The chief power engineer of production – the head and two hands of the head engineer

The chief power engineer of production - the head and two hands of the head engineerProfitability depends on reliable power supply, high-quality service and technically competent operation of power supply systems though what manufacturing enterprise. The chief power engineer and his services is engaged in the organization of this work.

These are the following services:

– electrotechnical into which enter: а) operation personnel; б) repair personnel; в) personnel on duty;

– heattechnical into which enter: а) a boiler room with system of a heat supply of production, production and office rooms;
water supply and drainage system service into which enter: а) plumbers; б) water purification site; в) site of treatment facilities; г) the personnel on service of wells;

– gas service (and if creation works at other fuel – on fuel oil or rigid, respectively: service on storage and a consumption of fuel oil or firm fuel) into which the personnel on repair and service of gas system enters;

– ecological service into which the personnel on prevention and elimination of harmful effects of production on ecology enters.

Admissions which the chief power engineer should have:

– The V group of the admission on the organization of works in electrosystems;

– the admission on the organization of operation of load-lifting cars and devices;

– the admission on the organization of works with vessels of a high pressure;

– the admission on the organization of works in boiler rooms and in heat supply systems (if there is no separate position "heating engineer" who is in his management).

The chief power engineer organizes:

– training and certification of the personnel subordinated to it;

– operation and power equipment repairs, makes PPR plans;

– the operation and personnel on duty (electricians, plumbers and the mechanic are routinely in the guide of masters and the senior changes);

– control over economic introduction of energy resources;

– control over an ecological condition of the enterprise;

– control over PTE and PTB observance.

Selection of the person which should do above-mentioned amount of works, not simply find. Numerous services, including on the Internet through the sites similar to a site are engaged in different ways in it.

Without considering wide knowledge and possibilities the chief power engineer should possess multilateral organizing abilities as he directly is engaged in selection and training of own shots. Besides its services work in close assistance with services of the head mechanic. Therefore ability to adjust ordinary human affairs for utility of production too is desirable quality of character of the head power engineering specialist.

On an office vertical the chief power engineer submits to the chief engineer.


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