Installation of satellite antennas as business growing gray

Installation of satellite antennas as бизне growing grayPractically to the middle the dashing 90th satellite antenna could have only TV, radio transmitting centers both, in some cases, cable operators and only in the professional purposes. To the ordinary inhabitant to deliver a plate it was not represented possible because of a nakladnost of a package and from time to time the image unsatisfactory characteristics.

But times exchanged, and at present singles, duplexes and trekhglavy dragons look at us from each balcony or a window. And on streets boards stare at us from posters with NTV advertizing +, TV or Rainbow Tricolour. Well and the number wishing to establish a plate every day only grows. Everyone can be registered TV tricolor on a site

So, from what to begin the person, wishing to connect the life with installation of aerials? In – 1-x, from hardware existence for transportation of sets and the tool.

Transport can be though what – is great or a bike with a capacious luggage carrier or at least the starenky car. From the tool it is necessary to have a sliding ladder, a drill, the puncher, a set of screw-drivers and the device fixing stability of a signal. All stock should be professional and, whenever possible, new. On the average on it will leave to steam 10-ov of thousands rubles.

In – 2-x, carefully study offers and decide on the supplier of the equipment. It can be both operators of paid TV, and the tuner for viewing of open channels. It is recommended to read also some articles about features of service of different models of the reception equipment, including existence of spare parts to it.
Also welcome the most important – be reserved by patience and actual information to render the client high-quality service.

Before independent start of business, be not too lazy to pass a course of the young fighter at a skilled fitter who will make of you the worthy specialist. But at the beginning nevertheless ask councils experts of own business.

When you get skilled at and will feel that you have necessary zaniye about electronics and process of installation of "plates", give some announcements in newspapers and on Internet forums of your city. And after high-quality installation of several sets to you those to whom your 1st clients recommended you will start to come.

Investments in some thousand rubles will become covered for the works 1st some weeks. Establishing till 10-15 satellite sets, it is possible to receive to 70 thousand rubles of the income per month. So join a big and close-knit family of fitters!


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