Business plan: creation of upholstered furniture

Business plan: creation of upholstered furnitureThe overwhelming part of the Russian furniture production is provided by small and medium-sized enterprises.

For the malekhanky companies such directions of business, as furniture creation for kitchens, offices and the specialist of furniture have the greatest prospects. Now fast rates of development business on manufacturing of office furniture about what tells the growth of sales increasing by 20-25 % every year differs.

More often small enterprises begin the work with release of low-expensive and easy cabinet furniture from such material, as laminated by a particleboard that is caused by simplicity of the production technology. Often use also a MDF plate. Favorable option for the small companies is the built-in and kitchen furniture.

On datas of statistics, consumers are ready to change furniture once for 3-4 years. It should be noted that the upholstered furniture with dolphin and euro book mechanisms has bigger demand. As to a color palette, specialists noted that recently buyers are more inclined to visible tones whereas several years ago the preference was given to gray and brown shades. Everyone longs to receive qualitative and inexpensive upholstered furniture in the house and if you offer such options at you always there will be buyers.

In the production technology of such business production features of constructive parts should be considered: seats, backs of chairs, soft mattresses and other stuffed subjects.

Soft elements can be unilateral or oboyestoronny softness. Elasticity, hardness and elasticity – the main properties which the basis of upholstered furniture should have. To accessories the following requirements are taken out: high quality, a krepkost and reliability, for ensuring durability of furniture and reliable work of all product. The comfort and reliability of operation are influenced by work of mobile and motionless knots, also connections. Selecting accessories, remember that the obverse accessories mounted on external surfaces of a product not including characteristics and serviceability, should have and visual appeal.

In the market it is possible to meet production both Russian, and zabugorny producers. The equipment is presented also in the wide range with a variety of a price range.

Small furniture productions, naturally, concede to huge manufacturers on release volumes, but it is possible to note printsipny advantage: flexible response to demand, also operative manufacturing of new models.

Remarkably, if the producer has possibility to create sale via own channels.


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