Pluses of virtual automatic telephone exchanges for modern offices

Pluses of virtual automatic telephone exchanges for modern officesAutomatic telephone exchange virtual station connection – for today one of favourite services for growth of convenience of communication in an office and accelerations of work of collective. It in the main thing is actual for business of average scales. Possibility to contact suitable people – times a determinant in determination of ability of the company to the competition, in particular, when its work is aimed at area of the wholesale market of consumer needs or retails. Existence of direct link with the client plays important role in efficiency of sales in different spheres of activity. Printsipno for the company also creation of ordinary and being remembered number that with ease to draw attention of the client and to take a place in his memory. At present such possibility is available though to what company which counts on expansion of own consumer market.

The automatic telephone exchange assumes many actions in the sphere of optimization of work in an office. It very much with comfort proceeding from belief of modern management. As an example, here it is possible to carry multichannel phone. In the companies of last generation the switching equipment which took a lot of place for this purpose was indoors put. In modern offices the same functions are carried out by automatic telephone exchange of ip is a small module from the equipment, connected to a local network of the company. Its possibilities rather big – calls are processed in a multichannel mode of communication, reception is available to a descent more than 1 call. Still interesting function – for virtual automatic telephone exchange is possibility of management of phone calls by means of the menu on a site in a network that with comfort for the manager of an office.

The automatic telephone exchange of this type also combines in itself comfortable functions of an Internet fax. Here faksovy messages can not only be sent addressees on the Internet, also there is a possibility to keep their copy in a reserve on though what time in memory of the closed servers. So there is an access to these files from though what place, the main thing that there was an Internet access, at least from phone. It is obvious benefit for serving modern offices for which very принципна possibility always to be on communication, even moving in points outside of the company. It is necessary to remember about simply being remembered number. Purchase of special number perfectly pays off for the huge companies, but its price can reach six-place figures. Virtual number gives the chance to choose a suitable set of figures a call on which pays the company. Such number very much lifts level of communication with clients.


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