Ronikon – beauty and reliability in your house.

Ronikon – beauty and reliability in your house.Wish to acquire furniture quite good characteristics and on attractive the price? Ronikon’s factory is ready to execute your desire! Ronikon’s furniture is a convenience and beauty at the vsedostupny prices.

The company offers a wide choice furniture on though what taste and a purse. Ronikon takes favourite positions in the market on production of furniture here eleven years! On a site of the producer you can choose the pleasant model, and thanks to the special calculator to calculate product cost.

In what reason of the low prices for furniture manufacturing? Everything is very simple! It is reached thanks to a mass production and the debugged system of modeling. So, for example, at the sliding wardrobe order from a series you save not only the means, well and time! After all on manufacturing of such case only 6-10 days will be necessary. At all this it will be got to you home absolutely gratuitously and is collected specialists of the company.

Ronikon offers sliding wardrobes of cheaply following series on your choice:
– "House-keeper";
– «Элегант»;
– "Library";
– "Super";
– "Prestige";
– "Luxury".

Series differ on registration and applied materials, at all this all of them are united by one – invariable quality and beauty. Thanks to a wide experience in furniture manufacturing the company can execute all wishes of the client. Options of external design of a case some hundreds – LDSP, MDF, a reed, ротанг, glass, the peskostruyny press, a film, natural wall-paper or skin. Possibilities are almost boundless.

The company is ready to execute though what wish of the client. Therefore you can always issue the personal order. Designers and zamershchik of factory create departure on the house to minimize mistakes and incorrectnesses at calculations.

Also the factory offers the clients on a choice a wide choice of cabinet furniture:
– angular cases;
– raspashny cases;
– kitchens;
– halls;
– furniture for drawing rooms;
– the wardrobe;
– furniture for nurseries;
– interroom doors.

You can always choose model from the offered range which will be made taking into account certain data on the sizes and color scores. At all this the company is ready to fulfill though what your requirement and to realize your personal wishes.

Ronikon’s factory copes a principle that clients should receive only the best. Therefore, having become the client of the company, you receive tremendous furniture without intermediaries with free delivery and assembly. Qualitative embodiment, comfortable cooperation. Pleasant purchases!


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