MasterCard or Visa: how to choose favorable payment system

MasterCard or Visa: how to choose favorable payment systemMasterCard and Visa – payment systems what at the 1st look have no main distinctions. But specialists say, what even the imperceptible difference at the 1st look can be solving. They agree that these payment systems – comfortable currency tools and perfectly are suitable for all clients.

Natalia Vasilyeva (Sovkombank), argues that these payment systems are equally good for calculations on the Internet and worldwide. Differences are among additional options in bonus sector, for example honey an insurance, the concierge service, legal services and so forth. And these functions depend on bank card issuer.

According to Leonid Kurashov (Home Credit) systems are broken a set by positioning of product lines, additional services and discounts for clients. Also adds that it is heavy to give absolutely advice about a choice certain of them as both MasterCard, and Visa always do better convenience and safety of payments.

Processing of payments on bank cards is basic also. After all very much принципна, and by means of a payment lock of RegularPay it it is possible to secure safety of your transfers. On a site you can learn more detailed information about Processing of bank cards by means of RegularPay lock.

Both the 1st, and the 2nd payment system is equally good and safe for Internet purchases. Oleg Baranovsky (Bank of calculations and savings) explains that cards have the protection – an additional verifying code: VbV at Visa and SecureCode at MasterCard. It is specified on the card by bank issuer and is entered at calculations on the Internet. The expert recommends to use the separate card for these purposes and means to translate directly ahead of operation. It will allow to raise safety level.

Both one, and other payment system has approximately an identical functional. The difference is visible at visit of other country. Introduction of a bank card of this or that system can reduce costs when converting currencies.

Both Visa, and MasterCard were based in the USA. The last signed the contract with the European system Eurocard. Pavel Shubin (About bank), knows, what exactly therefore was more convenient to use earlier in Europe MasterCard, and in the USA – Visa. Now both systems – international also are used everywhere. Here only the dollar is the main currency for Visa, and a dollar and euro – for MasterCard. And this unique difference. As the ruble, euro, a dollar can be currency of the account, the difference at conversion operations is equalized.

Oleg Baranovsky of the same idea of these 2 systems. According to its councils on the district of the Russian Federation the card though what payment system will approach. And here if the person often travels in the United States of America, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Dominican republic, Thailand, it is expedient to have the Visa card, and if in Europe, Cuba, Africa – the MasterCard card.

With Oleg Baranovsky Natalia Benderina (The international development bank) agrees also. Still she advises to those who often travels, to open to a descent the Visa card and the MasterCard card which can be attached to one settlement account that will allow to pay off certain of them is dependent on a situation and the stay country.


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