How to take the credit for opening of small business?

How to take the credit for opening of small business?

In the Russian Federation always it was necessary to beginning businessmen hardly. It is a question not only of delays of legal design and imperfection of tax system in the country. So it was moved that opening of own business at the majority of Russians begins with finding of means for start. Creation of small business for this day very inconveniently without the aid of credit structures. Therefore everyone newly made the SP on an initial step of own enterprise way povsevremenno appears before a question: where it is possible to take a loan safely?

Affairs of small business with the credit organizations

The Russian banks reluctantly make concessions to businessmen beginners. Most of all suspicions clients with chubby business plans for development of just registered states of emergency cause. Usually, the positive decision on a loan needs confirmation of successful functioning of business in a current of at least 9 months. Here inhabitants also have a prevratny outlook: the credit does not shine the "small" businessman.

"Long" or "short" loans?

Inexperienced businessmen are inclined to do everything quickly, even regarding design of bank loans. But the brevity acts as the sister of talent only in an epistolary genre. As to credit offers, in this case the desire receive means "straight off" can to backfire to the businessman. As the candidate to urgent microfinancing long-term credit providing acts. It is so-called "classics" of loans.
"Long" loans differ from "short" not only a financing maximum, well and size of an interest rate. Well and banks on such aspects cooperate with "kids" of business more willingly. After all the risk to "burn through" in the business always exists.

Recently, by the way, there was a successful scheme how very to secure itself against troubles with payments on an express loan. Paying a certain percent from the intermediary company loan, the creditopoluchatel removes from itself obligations to bank. The intermediary himself invests means in successful business projects, and from the received profit counts to bank according to the credit agreement the necessary sums. As a result, the most part of means remains at the unexperienced businessman on development of own business, and other part is given the one who is a good judge of enhancement of the capital and safe repayment of bank loans. As they say, divide and dominate.


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