How to make business with China and to receive the bigger income?

How to make business with China and to receive the bigger income?The Chinese National Republic for today, is the great and mighty power which economy is reflected in all countries of the world.

Many businessmen already thought of how to make direct cooperation with this the state. Business with China can bring in the biggest incomes and profits at the correct strategy and the relation to business. Low prime cost of the goods factories offer, factories of China, suppliers, the companies, it allows to create wholesale purchase, both malekhanky souvenirs, and large-sized equipment. Here it is possible to find everything, everything, at all this the prices – the lowest.

On a way to cooperation the unlimited quantity of qualities meets:

– Language barrier.
– Inadequate verification of the characteristic of production.
– Specific system of the legislation of the country.

Though what business arises from idea.

Visit of the international conferences, exhibitions, galleries essentially will promote and will sow various business – ideas in the head. The unique minus which they bear: very unlimited number of intermediaries. If at first product cost low, through 2-3 intermediaries it grows several times that considerably lowers possible benefits.

It is better to test to leave for the producer directly is will reduce expenses twice. It is necessary to hold in the head: visit of the producer – neotklonimy nuance of cooperation with the supplier from China. Communication with the supplier needs the translator, to employ it better in the country. Previously all constituent documents and appropriate certificates are requested. All conditions of collaboration follows обговаривать to a meeting: terms, volumes of orders, delivery, payment.

Realization of the goods: with what to begin?

The contract – a printsipny integral part though what agreement. On it lean at controversial or disputed questions therefore it should be made perfectly and include different requirements. In the contract it is necessary to specify: samples on quality and packing of the goods, terms of production, the sanction for violations discussed aspect. Two versions of the contract are usually made out: in the Chinese and English languages. It is necessary to recheck correctness of transfer attentively.

Often businessmen resort to an independent assessment of production to have real idea of the brought goods.

In any case development of business and successful cooperation needs competence, professionalism and lack of ambitions.


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